Even though your healthcare needs are changing, we understand how important it is for you to continue living at home amidst the familiar surroundings of family, friends, and community.

Healthier You Adult Foster Care is a home healthcare agency licensed by the state of Massachusetts. We provide comprehensive services designed to enhance every facet of your recovery…


…from regular check-ups by our registered nurses, to personal care tasks by our homemakers, to in-home medical equipment and supplies, to exercise programs, nutrition counseling, mental health counseling and much more.


Exceptional Customer Service

Devoted to the highest standards of excellence, our team of healthcare professionals coordinates with your doctors and family to prepare for your smooth transition from a medical facility to your home.

5 Key Health Benefits of Healthier You Home Healthcare Services

We develop a customized Home Care Plan of specific services that will help you with your healthcare regimen, day-to-day activities, and personal care needs.

Our home health team consists of experienced professionals and support staff:

Clinical Nurse Director

Coordinates the services outlined in your personalized Home Care Plan

Case Manager

Coordinates the specific services you’ll need and schedules the visits of team members

Registered Nurse (RN)

Examines you, checks vital signs, reviews and manages your medications, confirms appointments, and alerts doctor about new health issues

Physical Therapist

Guides you through personalized exercises that build strength and stamina

Rehabilitation Therapist

Guides you through special exercises that improve your ability to perform certain tasks


Assists with doctors visit, medication, personal activities and tasks ranging from bathing and dressing to meal preparation and housework

Community Liaison

Connects you with community resources that provide further emotional, financial, and healthcare support

Health Coach

Evaluates your nutritional needs and designs a food plan to improve your health and support your recovery

Healthier You Adult Foster Care

Full Line of In-Home Healthcare Services
  • Caesar Sanchez
    "I would definitely recommend these services to a friend or family member.”
    Caesar Sanchez
    Brockton, MA
  • Gary Elysee
    If they were in need of these services, I would absolutely recommend Healthier You Adult Foster Care to a friend and family member.
    Gary Elysee
    Brockton, MA
  • Sainte Soloman
    I would definitely recommend Healthier You Adult Foster Care services to a friend or family member.
    Sainte Soloman
    Brockton, MA

Did You Know You Can Get Paid
to Care for Your Loved One?

Many of our Adult Foster Care clients are also being cared for by a loved one—and being PAID to do it—thanks to a special Medicare program.

Find out if you qualify