Want to know more about Adult Foster Care services? Check out these FAQ’s and contact Healthier You Adult Foster Care if need more help.

1What type of insurance is required to be eligible for Adult Foster Care services?
To qualify for Adult Foster Care services the potential member must have or be eligible for MassHealth Common Health or MassHealth Standard.
2Are members and caregivers required to live together?
Yes, all members and caregivers are required to reside in the same house, in order to provide 24-hour care.
3What are the caregiver’s necessary qualifications?
  • Must be 18 years of age or older
  • Must be able to pass Criminal Offender Record Information check
  • Must have the ability to provide the medical care and physical assistance
  • required to care for the potential member
  • Must be able to provide references
  • Must have a physical and TB test within the past 12 months
4What happens once someone is approved for Adult Foster Care services?
  • Upon approval, the member will receive a letter from Masshealth regarding their approval status.
  • Once the member is approved a Registered Nurse and/or Care Manager will contact the member and caregiver to setup a meeting to begin adult foster care services
5Can the member stay home alone while I go to work and/or school?
  • Some members are allowed to stay home alone for up to 3 hours depending on their level of care.
  • Members are also allowed to participate in Adult Day Health program, and still be eligible for AFC services
6What is the requirement to get paid as a caregiver?
To become a caregiver all applicants must successfully pass CORI, Provide Proof of, Citizenship or Permanent Resident ID, Proof of Address, Social Security, Current Medical, complete CPR training.

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